We make and deliver life saving fresh water to hard to reach communities affected by Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu 


Born out of the immense help of Superyachts in delivering fresh water, first response medical teams and emergency supplies, post Pam, Wita Aid is committed to continuing the invaluable efforts of the Superyachts in aiding Vanuatu's outer Efate and Shepherd Islands. 

"Cyclone Pam’s damage to catchment systems and tanks combined with reports this is an El Nino year mean the people of Vanuatu, specifically those in the Shepherd Islands are facing a real water emergency now and in the coming months. The expected drought could according to some in the Meteo Office be worse that the 1997/98 drought.  The Cyclone in addition to damaging infrastructure has also damaged traditional coping mechanisms such as drinking coconut water and eating oranges leaving these remote communities at an even higher risk. We are asking anyone that has capability to assist in this very critical situation, to do so.  We are afraid that if we do not get help to rectify this shortage, we will face a multitude of challenges, including increased illness in children, increased malnutrition due to insufficient weaning foods and depending on how dire the situation becomes large scale population movements."

Eng. William Fellows
WASH Cluster Coordinator
Department of Geology Mines and Water Resources
Port Vila, Vanuatu
Email: wfellows@unicef.org



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